Christmas is a time of giving. So when a team of crafty cat burglars start trying to steal the presents from under your tree, its up to you to give them a good telling off.

Armed to the teeth with an assortment of snowball shooters and icy instruments of chaos, place down your defenses and fight back the advancing horde of festive feline thieves.

The aim of the game is to protect Christmas (and all those lovely presents) from some pesky cat burglars (yes - they are literally cats that burgle!).

As you progress through the game you will unlock various advanced snowball throwing weaponry. Each of which has varying stats and costs so choose those turrets wisely.



SelectLeft Mouse Click


Move Arrow Keys
Select X

Scoring points:

You will score based on how many cat burglars you stop from reaching the end of each level. You do not need to stop all of them to proceed but the more snowballs you can hit them with, the better!


Your money will always increase over time so you don't need to worry about running out. It will also carry over to the next level so don't spend it all on a single round if you can complete it with just a few well placed turrets.

The Destroy action on each turret is useful for clearing space for a better one. It also refunds you half the cost of the turret that was destroyed. Try cleaning up your turrets when no longer needed to maximise your money.

Turrets will be built with a default direction in which they fire. As those crafty cats move through the level, it may be useful to try rotating your existing defences.

Thanks to @gruber_music for the music

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